lap1 [lap]
[ME lappe < OE læppa, fold or hanging part of a garment, skin; akin to Ger lappen < IE base * leb-, lāb-, to hang down > L labare, to totter, labi, to fall, sink, lapsus, a fall]
1. Now Rare the loose lower part of a garment, which may be doubled or folded over; skirt of a coat or gown
2. the front part of the skirt when it is held up to form a hollow place in which things can be carried
a) the front part from the waist to the knees of a person in a sitting position
b) the part of the clothing covering this
4. anything hollow like a lap, as a valley
5. that in which a person or thing rests or is cared for, sheltered, or coddled
6. a part extending over another part; overlapping part
a) such extension; overlapping
b) amount or place of this
8. a turn or loop, as of a rope around a post
9. a rotating disk for cutting and polishing glass, gems, etc.
a) one complete circuit around a racetrack, in a race consisting of more than one
b) one part or stage of an extended project
11. the act or condition of lapping
lapped, lapping [ME lappen < the n.]
1. to fold (over or on)
2. to wrap; enfold
3. to hold in or as in the lap; envelop [lapped in luxury]
4. to place partly upon something else [to lap one board over another]
5. to lie partly upon; overlap [one board laps the other]
6. to cut or polish (glass, gems, etc.) with a lap
7. to get a lap ahead of (an opponent) in a race
1. to be folded [rough edges must lap under]
2. to lie partly upon something or upon one another; overlap
3. to project beyond something in space, or extend beyond something in time: with over
drop into someone's lap or dump into someone's lap
to cause to be someone's responsibility
in the lap of luxury
surrounded by luxury
in the lap of the gods
beyond human control or power
lap2 [lap]
vi., vt.
lapped, lapping [ME lapen < OE lapian, akin to MDu lapen, OHG laffan, to lick < IE echoic base * lab-, to lick > L lambere]
1. to drink (a liquid) by dipping it up with the tongue in the manner of a dog
2. to move or strike gently with a light splashing sound such as a dog makes in lapping: said of waves, etc.
1. the act of lapping
2. the sound of lapping
3. something that is, or is intended to be, lapped up
lap up
1. to take up (liquid or liquid food) by lapping
2. Informal to eat or drink greedily
3. Informal
a) to accept with enthusiasm
b) to believe too readily

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